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Smokeless Smoking Taming The Urge To Smoke

Thursday, January 14th, 2010at7:31 pm Are you looking for a free electronic cigarette trial? Get a FREE TRIAL!

When the brain is addicted to nicotine it treats the it as an absolute necessity.

Some people may be more genetically more prone to addictions.
Most smokers that try to stop smoking unaided will fail.

If you are a smoker you know how bad it is for you, then why haven’t you stopped smoking yet?

The reason is, smoking makes you feel good. it stimulates certain reactors in the brain, releasing a chemical called dopamine along with various other neurochemicals.

When trying to understand how much the brain likes this chemical, it is compared to the sames chemical that drives you to want food, water, and sex. Nicotine fools the brains reward system into believing it is getting it.

That is how some of the herbal remedies work, they tame and fool the nicotine receptors into believing they are smoking. Taking away the “craving” sensation associated with stopping smoking.

Smokeless cigarettes cover all of the above and are paving the way for smokers around the word to stop smoking using smokeless cigarettes as the alternative choice of nicotine replacement therapy.

One of the best way to stop smoking is with an electronic cigarette, it gives you the sames sensations as smoking a cigarette and gives you the physical anchor that even makes you feel like your smoking a real cigarette.

Smokeless smoking is taming the urge to smoke for millions of people around the world.

Has anyone ever tried the smokeless cigarette?

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Mini Electronic Cigarette

Thursday, February 11th, 2010at9:47 am Are you looking for a free electronic cigarette trial? Get a FREE TRIAL!

The mini electronic cigarette is by far the best way to stop smoking regualar cigarettes. I have been a smoker for many years and since smoking electronic cigarettes I feel like a new person.

It’s quite interesting how I got into smoking these amazing little things….

I was on a long haul flight from London to South Africa, and I needed to get myself something that would help me get through the 11 hour flight… I looked into patches, nicotine gum, nicotine water and more or less everything imaginable out there to help you stop smoking.

I came across electronic cigarettes as a matter of chance, I was in a restaurant and i noticed someone smoking after their meal.. I didn’t notice them light up, just the fact that they were smoking. I then asked the waitress for an ashtray, she looked at me as if i was crazy or something!! She said I’m sorry sir but there is no smoking aloud in the restaurant.

Needless to say I approached the man smoking this electronic cigarette to get the low-down on smokeless cigarettes.

That’s how I found out about smokeless cigarettes and since that little encounter in the restaurant i have been a religious electronic cigarettes smoker.

I hope you can relate to this story and if you would like more information about smokeless cigarettes sign up to our mailing list and we will also notify you when more free trials are available.

Electronic Cigarette?

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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

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Your Privacy is AlwaysRespected! Saturday, December 19th, 2009at10:18 pm Try Now – Limited Trial Offer Get a FREE TRIAL!

Here you will find the most up to date information on electronic cigarettes along with some real life experiences of how the electronic cigarette has worked for people around the world. According to various organisations, like ASH UK and The American Electronic Cigarette Association, the e-cigarette is saving lives and being hailed as the invention of the century, in terms of smoking technological advances!

The technology is fairly new and further developments are being made daily however, the e-cigarette of today is far more advanced than when it first came out a few years ago. The electronic cigarette was much larger and couldn’t really be considered a real alternative to smoking, not to mention the hefty price tag of about $300.

E-cigarettes of today look like cigarettes, and feel like cigarettes and what’s crazier is they also smoke like cigarettes, only without the harmful toxins associated with normal cigarettes.

What’s more, electronic cigarettes are just the tip of the iceberg!

You can have an electronic pipe, cigar, or even a middle-eastern hookah or shisha, with whatever flavours you fancy. It’s my understanding these come in assorted flavours such as apple, orange, mint, etc. although I have only tried the apple flavour myself. You can mix flavours as well, all healthy and without toxins, no tar, no second hand smoke, or any other harmful substances.

Now, the time has come to embrace the future of smoking and learn more about how the e-cigarette is changing smoker’s lives around the world. It could change yours.


Simon Wright


Smokeless Cigarettes Are Taking Over

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Stop Smoking With the Electronic Smokless Cigarette

Monday, December 21st, 2009at12:05 am 

As a person who has smoked cigarettes for more than twenty years, I for one am over the moon with excitement regarding the newly invented electronic cigarette, also known as a smokeless cigarette or e-cigarette. Let’s face it; this invention has quite literally changed the world for millions of smokers.

Perhaps the best thing of all about electronic cigarettes is that they afford you an opportunity to smoke a cigarette without jeopardizing your health, and without the need to be concerned about legalities. Another great benefit is that for a smoker, an electronic cigarette provides an almost identical experience to smoking a regular cigarette.

Contrary to what you may believe, electronic cigarettes not only look like real cigarettes, but they even feel and taste like the real deal. However, they work differently, in that there is no tobacco being burnt. Instead, when you draw on an electronic cigarette, it activates a special flow sensor, and this in turn results in a vapor being released that contains nicotine and propylene glycol, together with a realistic tobacco scent. In layman’s terms, this means that smokers are now able to get their regular nicotine fix without all the usual risks, such as cancer for example. Unlike regular cigarettes, electronic cigarettes don’t contain any additives or dangerous chemicals.

Apart from the fact that e-cigarettes are far healthier for you than regular cigarettes are, they are also above the law, in that you can puff away whenever you want, no matter where you are. For example, if you’re sitting in the pub, you can still enjoy a cigarette with your beer while those who are smoking regular cigarettes will need to go outside to feed their habit. Let’s face it; most smokers enjoy nothing more than a cigarette when they’ve just finished their meal, and here again, even if you’re sitting in a restaurant, you can whip out your e-cigarette and begin puffing. Likewise, if you find yourself on a long haul flight, there’ll be no need for you to dash off in search of a smoking room in the airport before and after your flight. Instead, you can sit and smoke in the departure lounge, just as you can enjoy your cigarette in the air. Perhaps the biggest advantage of all is that you’ll never need to feel guilty again with regards to exposing others to your secondhand smoke.

Another great thing about these electronic cigarettes is that they make use of refillable cartridges that are available in a number of flavors such as strawberry, apple, and menthol for example. Also, just as with regular cigarettes, you get to choose between full strength, medium strength, and light. Even though some people argue that these are simply an alternative to regulate cigarettes, rather than being a cessation device, they can go a long way in helping someone kick the habit, in that the different strength ranges can help your body to adjust as you begin reducing your average nicotine intake.

In fact, there are thousands of people who prefer electronic cigarettes to other smoking cessation options such as nicotine patches for example. Of course, this is because the electronic cigarettes provide you with an experience that is virtually identical to what you experience when smoking a real cigarette. Many people are left speechless when they first try one of the e-cigarettes as they can’t believe that you even experience the feeling of smoke entering your lungs. However, as already mentioned, rather than smoke entering your lungs, it’s a relatively harmless water vapor that evaporates almost instantaneously.
If you’re seriously looking for a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes, or you’d once again like to enjoy smoking whenever and wherever you want, then you can be rest assured that electronic cigarettes are by far the best choice currently available.

Electronic Cigarette In The Pub

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Pure lite Smoke Electronic Cigarette

Friday, June 11th, 2010at2:55 pm Are you looking for a free electronic cigarette trial? Get a FREE TRIAL!

So your looking for an electronic cigarette?

Well let me just say straight off, im going to cut through all the crap you have read so far about electronic cigarettes.
FACT IS: It’s almost impossible to get an unbiased review online these days. You see, almost everyone is just trying to get you to buy from them so they earn a commission..

It’s not my style or belief to SELL, SELL, SELL all the time, so please, allow me to just tell it as it is.

What’s an electronic cigarette?

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen someone in a restaurant or an aeroplane smoking what looks like a cigarette or even a cigar? (yes, after the smoking bans came into effect

Electronic Cigarettes: Can these Really Help You Kick the Habit?

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010at12:44 am Are you looking for a free electronic cigarette trial? Get a FREE TRIAL!

What is good for one may not be good for another. That’s a fact. Not all smokers have successfully quit smoking using nicotine patches and gums while others may have found a way out of the habit with these. With electronic cigarettes, this may or may not work for you but here’s the nice thing about these cigs, these can reduce your nicotine intake.

If You Want You Can

Addiction to cigarette smoking is no laughing matter. The Surgeon General’s grim warning in each packet of cigarette does not and cannot warn smokers enough. Cigarettes are available to all; there is no legal ban on buying cigarettes and stores turn a blind eye to young people buying the deadly stuff. Once tried, there is no turning back and the addiction becomes a lifetime thing and the Surgeon General’s warning comes to naught.

Smokers who want to quit have tried everything. They promise themselves one last stick or last pack of cigarettes to no avail. They have gone as far as hypnosis sessions when nicotine patches and gums have failed them. This is not surprising because this habit is not only a mental thing; it is a physical thing too. The motions of lighting a cigarette can be addicting too and there are everyday triggers that bring on the craving. Coffee and liquor, stress, or socializing with other smokers are triggers one cannot avoid.

If you are really committed to quit smoking and exasperated with all your efforts, try the electronic cigarettes. This may not cure your addiction but it can help you minimize your nicotine intake, which is significant to smokers who do want reduce the dose of nicotine in their systems. But if you do want to quit, you can. All it takes is to reduce your nicotine intake until such a time you can do without it.

How to Do It

Electronic cigarettes come in three types of nicotine content in milligrams. These are labeled high, medium, and low. Start with the medium level. When you take a drag, you get an immediate nicotine hit. You still go through the motion of holding the tube-like cigarette and see the glowing red tip at the end. Although it takes a lot of restraint, try to lower your dose of nicotine with the 11 mg tube and stick to it. The lower dose may not be satisfying but don’t forget you are trying to quit smoking.

If you cannot abandon this habit, there’s the consolation that you are not inhaling carcinogenic stuff added to your regular cigarette stick. These E-Cigarettes as they are also called only contain nicotine in its liquid form. When you light up, the atomizer releases nicotine vapors, not smoke. This eliminates your exposure to deadly carbon monoxide from cigarette smoke. This is the stuff that causes lung cancer among smokers and those exposed to second hand smoke.

To the question, can electronic cigarettes help you quit the habit? Yes and no. It’s all up to you. But compared to a regular stick of your favorite brand, it is safer and that is what counts. But you can quit if you muster all your determination to reduce nicotine intake and finally make it to the finish line of the quit smoking race.

Best electronic cigarette starter kit?

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Electronic cigarette

Would you like to die faster by inhaling Nicotine? Then keep on smoking. Let it destroy different organs of your body. Even teenagers have resorted to smoking and have started destroying their health from an early age. Smoking is one habit that refuses to die faster. Stress has been considered as the most important factor to take to smoking by users. Cigarettes are considered as the best bet to end your life faster. To combat this it is better to start using reliable Electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette is considered as the best alternative to normal cigarette. Electronic cigarette will also help in reducing pollution that normal cigarette contributes. Electronic cigarette can be purchased from websites also and is easily available globally.

The Electronic cigarette will not be forming a type of ash. Electronic cigarette will be working wonders to the body of chain smokers as it will not be damaging like normal cigarette. Electronic cigarette is the best option for health conscious people who want to quit smoking in a slow phased manner. Electronic cigarette will be helping to restore the balance of health and environment.

Electronic cigarette is a device that is powered by battery. Electronic cigarette will be generating a smoke like vapor on every puff that the user takes. Electronic cigarette need not be lighted and the user can simply inhale. Normally Electronic cigarette is divided in to three parts; a rechargeable battery, cartridge and atomizer. Electronic cigarette will be also having a mouth piece, heating element, and a number of electronic circuits. Electronic cigarette will require adequate charging to get the desired result.

Electronic cigarette are available in various form of taste in the market and will not be causing more cough like the normal cigarette. There will be no shortage of smoking experience even if one is using Electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette will not be causing yellowing of teeth like normal cigarette. Electronic cigarette will not be causing more harm to nearby people like normal cigarette. Electronic cigarette can be used in a no smoking area. Electronic cigarette will not be using tobacco and that will also boot your health.

The only bad thing or disadvantage is that the user will not be getting the feel of conventional cigarette while using Electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette are large in size and that can be also considered as a drawback when compared with normal cigarette.

electric cigarette advantage

The biggest advantage of the electric cigarette

…finally, you can smoke under the shower…
Source: The biggest advantage of the electronic cigarette (Youtube).
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The Advantages That The Smokers Get With Electronic Cigarette | electric cigarette

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Buy Electric Cigarette

, And Save Money And Still Smoke Wherever You Want Without the Harmful Fumes!

If you are here then you must have been looking to . You’ve come to the right place! The electric cigarette starter kit blog has been covering all the different types of electric cigarettes for a few years now. A few years ago when the electric cigarette first came out it was quite an impressive feat! Being able to smoke and still get your nicotine fix without any of the harmful fumes associated with real cigarettes.

To Means You will save money and be healthier in the long run.

After a few years in development the electric cigarette has come leaps and bounds. Today to means you dont have to worry about whether or not you will be craving a cigarette on an airplane or in a long car journey with yuor kids or non smokers. the electric cigarette is probably the best invention since sliced bread.

If you You’ll Regain Your Freedom

Smoke anywhere you want, with the electric cigarette you get you life back, no more harmful toxins and no more wasting your money and paying all those millions of dollars to the taxman and the cigarette company. Take a stand, leave the harmful corporate cigarette behind, and be free again.

Here fo more info and to actually its a free trial and you only pay $4.99 so now!
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